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Monday, 16 February 2015

February miscellany

Ahh a week off! I aboslutely love working at a school and lets face it, the holidays are a huge bonus too. So a week to myself, I used to be really good at having time off, those months between jobs, lots of crochet and creativity, but now faced with a week I have been doing lots of bits and pieces today in an effort to cram everything that I want to do into these precious days. 
So I started today with a pop to the shops for the boring grocery stuff and treated myself to a bunch of daffs, so cheap and cheerful, I avoided the big elaborate bunches of reduced roses left over from valentines day and chose these, simple and pretty spring buds. perfect.
I then dug out my newest purchase from my local woolshop, a pompom maker! I know, I am a bit late to the party with this one but to be honest I never really have much call for pompoms, this pompom maker makes dinky tiny little pompoms though and I am sure I can find a use for them.
I haven't got any scissors small enoughh to use with it so I have resorted to a stanley knife, all fingers are so far intact and no blood has been spilled..yet.

Oh yes, you might have seen I have made a cowl! the pattern is available, for free here.  The weather has warmed up a bit too much for it to be much use at the moment but I love the pattern and Im thinking up other ways it could be used. 

A blanket is the first thing that comes to mind and it would be sooo quick to do but I am a bit blanketed out at the moment.
Just a couple more colour repeats and it will be ready for edging and all those ends need sewing in too.
I am not looking forward to that bit quite so much.

So the rest of this week will be spent pottering around the house, visiting friends and family and crocheting. I expect to find my time-off-rhythm just when the week is over, oh well only five weeks until Easter :)


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