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Friday, 20 February 2015

Make your mind up Mrs

How pretty and inspiring is that little lot? Bright happy colours in a 4ply cotton, I should be crocheting like the clappers! But no, I can’t get anything finished with it, I am really trying – I even started on another birdy like my freeform birdy…
 …but I’m trying to neaten up the pattern and write it down. I’ve made lots of notes and got most of the body done, it really hasn’t taken long but I’m bored of that so want to do something else with it. Finish some flowers maybe? Well I managed a few leaves before I wanted to do something else with it…
… and repeat. So invariably I end up going back to my blanket and settle into mindless rippling.

Over a week ago now I thought it was nearly there, but I keep thinking, just a few more rows and so it grows!
Anyway, back to the pretty cotton that is playing on my mind. I just don’t know what my problem is with it. Maybe it is because although the colours are lovely, they are far lovelier in chunks rather than in little details. So I have another new idea which (worst case scenario) will give me some surplus doilies. It is very much along the lines of this lacy bag that I made in 4ply white cotton last year.

I look back on this bag now with fond memories, it turned out so much better than I had hoped, I may be conveniently forgetting certain bits of it that weren't as fun, like the million ends to sew in (really, there were loads!) and how tedious the straps were. but as I gave it as a Christmas present I would love one of my own.
I may well start this, put it down and go back to my blanket but as I am running out of ripples I shan’t be able to put it off for much longer, I need a crochet plan for when the blanket is finished and surely I can do something with the cotton.


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