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Sunday, 8 February 2015

Freeform Birdy

Hellooo! I hope you have had a good week/weekend, I really don't know where the days have gone this last week, it was Monday, I blinked and then it was Friday.
I have to confess to a total brain freeze when it comes to my crochet flower picture. Perhaps brain freeze is wrong, it is more like dozens of ideas all at once causing me to have completly no idea which one I want to do. I have found a solution to this, the plan is to make all the different flowers and greenery that I might want to use and get a couple more canvasses and try them all out. This is going to take some time, it is definitely a slow burner this project.
So yesterday, while I was busy dithering and thoroughly bored of following patterns for a while, I thought a little bit of freeform crochet might get those creative juices flowing, as well as being imense fun just crocheting for the sake of it with no plan.
I started by making a short foundation chain and then doing some stripes, I realised that I wasn't really focussing on the stitches, nothing fancy here, just DCs and trebles. But the shape that I was making was the start of something that I have wanted to do for a while. With this in mind I made the other bits to go with it...
And no small amount of sewing and tidying up later...
A little hangy birdy! A bit rough and ready but that's freeform. It is such a simple little thing that I may well make up some more and neaten the pattern up a bit and write it up for you. I think it would make a great bunting type of onament, lots of tweety birds all hanging in a row.
I am really glad I bought this cotton, it is just the thing for messing about with and I do very much like messing about :)


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