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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

What a waste of a weekend

Yuck! I have been fully lurgy-fied for days now, full of cold and generally a big disgusting mess. It has only been a cold but still, all weekend was spent on the sofa doing not a lot of anything and woefully regretting the fact that I was poorly when there was some lovely sunny weather and things to do.
It was not a total waste of time though as I did get a fair bit of my blanket done and I made a start on some flowers for my picture!

Yes I found the yarn I wanted!! I have been looking around for some 4ply-ish cotton in lots of lovely colours for a while now, something I could use to make fiddly pictures and things with. I usually rely on Rico creative cotton for that sort of thing but it is an aran weight yarn and sometimes comes out a bit too bulky. I then remembered the DMC Natura cotton that I made some little bits out of a couple of Christmasses ago. 
I looked out the yarn that I had (those 2 shades of blue, lilac and white) and thought it would be just the very thing. But could I get hold of any other colours? A quick google and I found that yes, it comes in lots of great colours, even better my local wool shop still had some in stock so I didnt have to wait for a delivery.

So with my new purchase made I started making a few little bits for my picture. I bought this book a while ago and  I have been itching to try some of these flowers for ages.
So I had a bash at a few and I am so pleased with how they are turning out.  
I could really do with a couple more shades of green for foliage, I can see me needing a lot of leaves and stems and things and at the moment I just have the one green. 

So that is what I am doing, making fiddly flowers while the daylight holds and settling down to ripple in the evenings. I long for the Spring without the threat of snow and ice and all the dark evening hours, just a little bit more daylight to crochet by would be lovely.

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