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Saturday, 10 January 2015

A spot of Saturday Yarnbombing!

Taking a little break from my blanket today, I wandered upstairs to have a mooch through my stash to find some very well hidden wool for a few flowery ideas that I had. I know it is there somewhere but exactly where, your guess is as good as mine!
One of the first things I found through this mooching was an oblong piece of rippling, I think it was originally intended for some sort of blanket but that idea is long gone. 
It seemed a shame for it to go to waste so I began hunting around the house for something that needed covering.
The computer chair in our dining room is ugly, functional but booooring. It is necessary though as both myself and Mr M. spend a lot of time on the computer. You might remember me mentioning that we decorated the dining room towards the end of last year. The computer chair leaves big black marks on the walls if it knocks them (which it does all the time) so I had popped an old black T-shirt over the back to stop this happening to the freshly painted walls, as a temporary fix. Perfect for a bit of yarnbombing don't you think?

This piece of ripple wasn't going to be big enough to cover the whole back of the chair so I had another rummage and found these granny stripes which were just big enough to fill the gap.
First things first, I had to take care of those ends that I had so carelessly left unfinished.
When they were all sewn in and trimmed up I tacked the pieces of crochet together to make a kind of sleeve, then popped them on the chair to make them fit properly and sort out the corners. This is the same method I used when I covered my granny chair and it worked very well.
I thought it would take ages to sew it all together but it took less than an hour! I surprised myself with how neatly they went together too, just the right size. 
Not sure how to secure the bottom of the sleeve, I threaded a double strand of yarn through the bottom to make a draw string so that it could be pulled tight to fit and also be removable for washing.
So there you have it, my yarn-bombed computer chair. I'm not happy leaving the seat like that and the bottom draw string bit needs a bit of work too so at some point I will cover the seat and tidy that up. There's not much that can be done about the shape of the chair, (which I am not too keen on) but I think this is a vast improvement to how it used to look.

Phew! With all that sewing finished I think i will go and do a few more rows on my blanket :)


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