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Thursday, 15 January 2015

Can't put it down!

This rippling really is addictive you know. I had every intention of putting it aside for a while and starting something new at the beginning of this week. After my bit of yarnbombing at the weekend, I was feeling quite creative. While I thought about what I wanted to do next I decided to do a few more rows on my blanket and that was that. All thoughts of creativity out of the window, I settled back into that wonderful rhythm of making treble after treble after treble...
It's also lovely and warm to sit under while I make it. We have had a really cold snap lately and it's a wonderfully cosy way to spend my lunch breaks and evenings.
All this crochet therapy hasn't been in vain, I have decided what I would like to do next and if I can ever find the yarn in my big messy yarn stash I think I know where to start. It will be flowery, small and pretty I hope. This was a quick mock-up using little bits of my blanket yarn. The final version will have more to it than this.
I'm going to ponder the problem of 'where did I put that yarn?' while I just do another row or two, or maybe three...

Stay warm and happy hooking :)


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