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Friday, 2 January 2015

New blanket adventure!

Hello and a very happy New Year to you!

I must first apologise for being absent from blogland over the last week or so, the wind down from all things Christmas has taken total priority over my time, spending long leisurely days curled up on the sofa, watching the TV or Mr M. playing his computer games and eating far too much chocolate. The main distraction on my time has come from a wonderful present that I got for Christmas, a new yarn pack to start on a new blanket!
It is the cottage ripple pack from attic24 and I spent a little while debating what sort of blanket I wanted to make with it but it didn't take long for me to pick up my hook and run up a quick foundation chain to get going on a new ripple blanket of my very own. I do so love this pattern and the endless rows of rippling are an absolute joy to make.
I started off very well, getting a few rows made then thought I must tell you all about it, but just one more row. So every day I have taken pictures with the aim of blogging and every day I have been caught up doing 'just one more row'. 

Every time I pick this blanket up I get a giddy feeling, it really is pure joy to sit and make something like this, seeing it slowly growing and all the pretty colours rippling along. I seem to start each new year making a new blanket and it is a wonderful way of rediscovering my love of crochet when I can focus on the act of crocheting rather than deadlines and getting things made quickly for presents.
This is the start of what will be a fairly long blanketeering adventure, these things cannot be (and should not be) rushed, trying to make a blanket to any sort of timescale seems silly and pointless. So while this giddy excitement lasts I will keep on going with it and when I've had enough it will be my stand by crochet project to do in between other things.


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