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Sunday, 4 January 2015

2014 Review

Good morning, hope you are having a good weekend so far. As it is back to work for me tomorrow I thought I would do a bit of a review of 2014 and have a look at some of my crochet projects. On a personal level it was a strange and challenging year, but on the bright side being made redundant from my job early in 2014 gave me time to start this blog and spend lots of time crocheting while I looked for something new. I am excited for 2015 and all the possibilities that the new year holds, and all the things I can make this year too! So please bear with me while I have a nostalgic moment and go for a wander down the not-too-distant memory lane.

An Iris
Crocodile bag
Daffodil pot cover
The start of my Granny Stripe Blanket
Another Happy Flower
Tulip the Hippo

African Flower Bird
 Bumble bee
Anna's Giraffe
Hoop Posy
Two baby ripple blankets

Happy Heart
Mother's day hearts
Circle-Square Cushion
Experiments with edging
A clock 
 Mandala Bag
Spring Garden Tea Cosy
Started my Flower Shawl (I will finish it this year, I promise!)
Granny Stripe Blanket Ta-Dah!
Baby Bunting
Tunisian Tote Bag
 Tunisian Mitten
Hot Air Balloon Mandalas
Start of my Granny Chair
Summer Sky Tea Cosy
Granny Chair Ta-dah!
Flower Garland
Home Bunting
Freeform Mushroom
Dolly and Polly
Hearts Cushions
Broomstick scarf
Beach hut picture
Basket Weave Bag
Hen for a Hen party
African Flower Bag
Christmas Tree Bunting
One Ball Slouchy
Baby Granny Stripe

Star Stitch Hood (I will write up this pattern at some point, if I can remember how I did it!)
Blue African Flower Giraffe
Lacy Doily Bag
Pink African Flower Giraffe
Jingle Bells Bunting
Start of my Nativity (might get finished for this year!)
Holly Brooch
Start of my New Ripple Blanket

Wow what a busy year! It wasn't until I came to look through the pictures for this that I realised how much I had done! I have left out quite a bit too, things I'm not so keen on or ideas i've tried and not liked. I think the highlight of my crochet-year has to be my Granny Chair, I LOVE it! 
I can see here that things started to tail off towards the end of the year, a new job and the loss of my cat really did take lots of energy out of me but I feel reinvigorated to get going with new things and can't wait to see what 2015 holds!
Have a wonderful hooky year and thanks for joining me on this little trip through my picture archives :) XXXX

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