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Monday, 4 May 2015

More pottering

What a busy bank holiday I am having, well I say busy, I have spent the weekend pottering around the house as been confined to quarters due to the rain, great excuse to do not a lot! Today the sun has been shining though so I have been doing a much needed tidy up of the garden and generally enjoying being outside.

Corchet-wise I am really struggling at the moment. I don't want to start anything big and new until I have a few more of my WIPs finished but as they mainly entail sewing it is very slow progress. As I am trying to get some things finished I have dragged out my flower shawl and been busy making more flowers for that.

My main problem with this is that I'm not sure when to say it is finished. I orignally wanted to do a triangle type shape but I think it will be more usable if I make it more of an oblong. As this yarn was fairly pricey (for me) I can't afford to buy a whole new set to make it too much bigger but I have enough left to do a bit more. It is great fun making something so pretty, I think that could be why it is taking me so long to finish, I don't want it to end!

After finishing my doily bag I still have a fair bit of the DMC cotton that I used left over. I do love the colours but as it is cotton it has zero give and makes my hands hurt keeping the tension for too long, it is also annoyingly splitty. Before I packed it away for a while I knocked up a quick mandala for my mantle.

Now the garden is more presentable I might crack on with some decorating. I have the OK from Mr M to completly chintz-ify our bedroom! Oh yes, it is going to be pretty, flowery, wooly, bright and cheerful. I have been having a bit of an experiment with some shelf edging ideas, not quite right but a good start.
I do hope you are all having a happy start to May with lots of sunshine and long summery days ahead :)


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