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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Cluck cluck

I know I said that I definitely would NOT be starting anything new at all, until I had a few more bits and pieces finished and I meant it. Until I was having a mooch through my photos and found these...

.. oh I do love these chickens! Both were made as presents for brides whose hen party's I went to, made in good old faithful Rico creative cotton. I had just bought some more of this cotton and I couldn't help it, I started making one for myself.
I have been wanting to make myself one of these chickens for ages and well, they don't take too long and it is nice to make something frivolous now and then. As I don't have a vast amount of this yarn in any one colour my choices were quite limited so I picked this bright tangerine (bottom left) for the body of my chicken.
I should say that the pattern is adapted from an egg cosy pattern; I think the original pattern is made in 3 or 4 ply yarn and obviously not stuffed. Mine are made following exactly the same instructions only using a 4.5mm hook, aran weight yarn and by making a flat circle for the bottom so I can stuff it. The pattern can be found here.
Like most things, the bulk of the crocheting of this was quick and easy, it's all the little details and fiddly bits that are time consuming. I also had the bright idea of making my chicken have stripy legs in the colours I was using for the beak and the comb, a bit of added fiddly that was unnecessary but effective I think. 
So I had the body, comb, top and bottom beak pieces, legs and toes made and this morning I sat down with some trashy TV and plenty of coffee and began putting it all together.
Just a few finishing details, the safety eyes that I love to use and bring any stuffed toy immediately to life and a few little flowers embroidered (unevenly) around the bottom and Ta-Dah! All done :)
Now I just have to decide where she is going to live. Here?
Or maybe here?
Another thing I can tick off my list of want-to-makes.


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