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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

A present to myself

I have been flitting about from one crochet project to another in the last couple of weeks, not really settling to anything much. It's having all these ongoing WIPs that is doing it, I am refusing to let myself start anything new until at least ONE of them is finished. 

A month or two back I ran out of 'Pale Rose' for my big ripple blanket, I ordered a new ball but it didn't arrive. I kept meaning to order another one and this week I finally got around to it. Oh, I need to spend £25 to get free delivery? Go on then...
Squeeee! new yarn!!! I just LOVE getting new yarn. As the Drops cotton merino that I am making my flower shawl in was hugely reduced I got a few balls of that and a few balls of my go-to mucking about yarn, Rico creative cotton too. 
The Rico will go in the bag with the rest of my left-overs for various creative bits and pieces but I have absolutely no plan whatsoever for the Drops. I will shortly have a scarf/shawl made from it so I don't really want to make another one and it seems a bit wasteful to use this lovely soft yarn for anything other than something to be worn. Hmm I will have to have a think about that one.
So I have finally been able to stop messing around, getting nothing much done, and have been sitting down to some wonderful ripply goodness. 
I am so close to getting this finished, just one or maybe two more colour repeats and I will have it long enough. Being quite tall I need it to be long enough so that I can tuck my feet in and have it all snuggly up around my neck, so about 78 inches should do it. It is currently 71 - so close!


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