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Thursday, 7 May 2015

Making a mess :)

I have the day off today and although there are a million and one things I should be doing I decided to take a day off to myself and just do as I pleased. So i took myself out to the shops this morning and popped into The Works for some cheapy cheap painting materials.
 The Works is a discount book/stationary/craft shop, full of tat mostly but ideal for what I needed. I was after some cheap water colour paints, a brush and maybe a couple of their bargain canvases. I got my last canvas from there, the one I got to stick some crocheted flowers on but having spilt coffee on it (more than once) I decided it needed painting first before I used it for anything.

The flowers that were intended for the canvas have been kicking around my dining room getting moved around, looking at me, waiting for me to do something with them. So that was my goal for today, get them out of the way, one way or the other (used or binned).
I am no painter, I haven't picked up a paint brush since I was at school, I dropped art as soon as it moved from messing around with colours, finger painting and such and we had to start painting things well. I just can't do it, I get frustrated that the pictures in my head aren't what appears on the page and give up. But as I had the day to myself I thought it might be quite fun to muck about with some paint, it's not like I am getting marked on it!
I tried to do sort of a washed out effect, not too bad, maybe a bit bright but actually, really good fun making a mess :)
So the flowers now have a back drop and I am really quite pleased with it. It's not perfect by any means and still needs some work but I think it looks quite good, yes happy with that.

Back to work tomorrow but before that I am going to do some sewing in an attempt to finish a couple of things and then I am going to start something totally new!  No idea what yet but I am aching for some solid crochet time. :)


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  1. I love this, it looks brilliant and is an idea that I might steal for my own house - if you don't mind! I love The Works and have gotten loads of really good crochet books from there at great prices, but sadly there aren't enough hours in the day to start all the projects I want. Jx