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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Odds and ends (lots of ends!)

It's been a few days since I have done any blogging and sitting down this morning to tell you about what I have been crocheting is a bit of a challenge, I don't feel like I have done much at all. but that can't be right, I have pretty much always got a hook in my hand so what have I been doing?

Well my husband had a rare long weekend off work so we spent much of Friday pottering around the house, catching up on some odd jobs that needed doing and recharging the batteries. Still on a high from nearly having my flower shawl made I cracked on with that, until I got to the part when I can ignore the sewing in of the ends no longer.
Luckily I was very good and made a start on these a while back so there is only about half left to do, a job for a rainy day I think. I have almost decided to stop at this point and not make it any bigger, I think I will get more use out of it like this than carrying on to make it into a throw and it means that I can use what yarn I have left to make something else.

I found the ripple segment that is meant for a big sampler blanket I want to make and got a few more lovely bright ripples hooked up too, such a restful, rhythmic pattern to do, 1234, 1234, 1234...
I've also been sorting out some of my yarn stash, seeing what I am running out of so I can order some more. I have mentioned a few times how my supply of Rico Creative cotton has dwindled so I really tried to get my bag of the stuff tidy and see what was what. As usually happens though I got distracted by the pretty colours and quickly made a stuffed heart. I have made lots and lots of these before, some with roses on and some with felt letters and flowers for christenings. They are usually in one main colour with details in a contrast:
This one is a slight departure from the usual theme:
 I did have vague ideas of sticking some lavender in it from the garden to make it into a smelly hanging thing but I still can't bring myself to cut any of the lavender as the bees are swarming all over it and I don't want to take away their fun! It's pretty as it is, even without the lavender. Nearly every door knob in my house has got something hanging from it, nearly all of them are some type of heart too so I'm not sure what to do with this one, if anyone would like it, please let me know!


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