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Sunday, 24 August 2014

Happy Sundays

Excuse me for being extremely happy today, I am having a great Bank holiday weekend :)

On Friday I got all the boring wifey houseworky stuff done (it's only fair what with me still being jobless) so that freed up Saturday for some quality crochet time, Formula one qualifying and brand new Doctor Who! I know, I know I am a super geek, that's fine with me!
Some little Doctor Who things I have made previously, an Ood and a Weeping Angel, I have made a Doctor before but don't really have any good pictures to share and he lives with a friend now.

I spent most of yesterday trying to refine some Christmas ideas, this involved lots and lots of double crocheting in brown. yuck. 
After a few hours of that and it not turning out how I wanted, I was craving colour so put it away and decided to get cracking on some Christmas presents. Please don't judge me too harshly for mentioning the C word in August but I find it really does help to start as early as possible or the run up to December is spent making things with a tight deadline and crocheting can feel more like a chore than a nice relaxing hobby.
I popped to a local haberdashery on Thursday to stock up on some Rico Creative cotton which I was running desperately low on and started putting together a present for one of my best friends.
These are the only pictures I think I will be able to share until after Christmas, I'm not sure how I am going to wait that long to post a picture, I absolutely love this 'thing' and want to show you it so much!
Today has carried on much the same as yesterday, some great racing on the TV while I took care of some sewing of ends and a delicious smelling roast in the oven for dinner. I'm not sure what tomorrow holds but it is bound to involve crocheting at some point, I might even have another bash at the brown thing if inspiration hits me.

I do hope you are having a cracking Sunday too xxx

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