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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Nearly a windmill but not quite

I've had this idea now for ages, I really want to make a windmill. I don't know why, but I've looked and can't find a pattern I like so thought I would have a go myself. I had an idea of how I wanted it to look, bright and colourful (of course) and squishy. I wanted it to look simple and not fussy either, so no embroidery or flowers or anything. My idea is very simple, a dome/conical shaped main building part with four sails. So a while ago I made a small dome shape and then got side tracked.

This morning I fancied a change from what I was making so picked up some scraps of stylecraft special dk and worked out a way to make the sails for the windmill.

I made eight so I could make them double sided. Stuffing them would add too much weight to them and might make them floppy, but doubled up and quickly crochet together they are quite stiff and hold their shape nicely.
In my plan the sails aren't just sewn onto the windmill, they actually rotate! So I made a spindle thing to attach to the windmill and crocheted the sails together . This middle bit attaching the sails is being slightly problematic, it is just too floppy. I've doubled it up, crocheted extra rows, folded it back on itself and sewn it together tightly and it is still too floppy.
Not only that but the main dome part of the windmill is way to small for these sails. 
So still some way to go before my squishy windmill is a reality but I absolutely love doing things like this, making things up from ideas that I've had. I have got a bag full of half made bits and pieces that are trial runs of things, where I have been trying to work out how to make stuff. Not sure why I am keeping hold of these bits of tat, they serve no purpose!
Meanwhile I will leave my ideas to percolate in my brain and carry on with my flower shawl! With very limited yarn supplies recently I have picked it up again and have totally fallen back in love with it. 
If I stick to my original shawl idea it is nearly finished, I just need to make the left hand side the same shape as the right and maybe add a few more flowers to the pointy bit in the middle. It has been suggested by a few friends that I should make it into a throw and I am very tempted! it would be easy enough to do, just the same shape again to make an oblong rather than a triangle. Will I have enough yarn? I am really not sure.
If I have to buy more it won't be the end of the world, I have many, many ideas of things to make with this Drops cotton merino, it is delicious!


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