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Monday, 11 August 2014

Cluck Cluck!

I've had a lovely weekend catching up with friends and generally being quite lazy. We had terrible storms on and off with nearby streets being flooded. Luckily we stayed nice and dry and I spent much of Friday afternoon sat in my favourite corner crocheting.
I really must do something with that lamp shade, it is hideous!

The Knit and Natter group that I go to are a lovely bunch, it is nice to be able to talk to people who are as mad about all things wooly as I am! One of these lovely ladies had a wonderful hen-do tea party on Saturday, the weather had cleared up nicely so we all sat out in the sunshine eating cake, chatting and laughing.
 The hen-do was also the perfect opportunity for me to make another chicken, which seems to be my signature hen party gift. This one I made for a friend who got married last year..

So last week I started making another one with what yarn I could find and here she is!
It is a great pattern to follow, nice and straightforward and not too fiddly. I was getting on really well with it until I had to make the legs. I always struggle with making legs; I make the first one and the second one always seems so tiresome, this is probably why I don't make more stuffed animals and toys. The legs really don't take long so I'm not sure why I have so much trouble making them.
With the first hen I crocheted little flowers and then sewed them on, for this second hen I just embroidered the flowers directly on to it. Now my sewing can be a bit haphazard, I have problems seeing to do fiddly things sometimes but I am very pleased with how these flowers turned out and would probably do the same if I make another one. If you would like to make your own hen the pattern can be found over at The Very Savvy Snail. The original pattern is for a set of egg cosys (which are all beautiful), using 4ply yarn I believe. Mine come out considerably larger as I use an aran weight yarn and make a flat circle base to sew on so that they can be stuffed.

I now desperately need to buy more Rico cotton, my big bag is now down to a few scraps and I want my own chicken! :)


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