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Monday, 8 December 2014

Little bits

Why did I think that decorating the dining room in December was a good idea? I have been up to my eyes in sandpaper, mess, undercoat, mess, paint, mess and general mess for over a week now. But with a lot of grafting yesterday we have finally got it (verynearlyalmost) finished! Just a couple of little finishing touches and it will be all ready for our Christmas tree that we will be popping out to get later in the week. It is a bit of a ritual of ours, going to buy the tree. When we get it home I stick some Christmas music on, pour myself a large mug of mulled wine and decorate the tree with as much colour and sparkle as I can throw at it.

I have been sorting through some of the decorations in preparation and found the emergency angel that I made for last year, after discovering that my sparkly pound-shop star didn't fit.

She really was an emergency angel, no plan or pattern just a quick thing that did the job. I really do quite like the general shape and design of her, all apart from her head. I think I grabbed a small bauble and wrapped some felt around it and drew her face on with a clothes marker, I didn't do a great job so this week I am going to make her a proper head, with proper eyes and try to neatly embroider a smile. 

As well as the late nights painting I have been making slow progress with my nativity. I couldn't find my original Joseph anywhere so I've had to make another one. 
So far I am not really enjoying this nativity but I have a feeling that as the collection of figures grows the enjoyment will grow too.

I've been making a few little Christmas trees too to hang around the house, these have mainly been because I can pop a ball of yarn and my hook case in my handbag in the morning to do in my lunch breaks at work. I do hope I haven't been labelled as the mad crochet lady just yet, it's not like I am taking giant blankets to hook in my breaks, but there is still time! :)
Oh yes, how could I forget Santa, or as Mr M. is calling him, Chuckie Claus!
My friend asked me to make the outfit that came with this Santa doll so I had a look at it last night and started on the jacket. I used a size larger hook than required due to my tight tension and after I had made the sleeve holes I tried it on him to make sure it fit before carrying on with it...
As you can see, it's not big enough by a long way! So unless Santa has decided to start wearing little bolero jackets I am going to have to have a rethink. I may end up making up my own pattern or maybe using aran weight yarn instead of double knit will do the trick.

With all these little bits and pieces to do I am really craving a large project and would love to make a new blanket. I have asked for a pack of chunky yarn for Christmas and I do hope I am lucky enough to get it so I can start a big, new, warm, cuddly blanket in the new year.



  1. That doll scares me. I was looking for a topper today thinking of your fairy if we lived closer she may have been robbed lol

  2. Wow you have been busy. I just love your angel and I hope u post a pic of her with her new head. C x