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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Being super productive!

Phew what a week! There were good reasons I'm sure as to why we decided to decorate the dining room before Christmas, and we managed it, we got it all done and looking lovely last weekend. The trouble with that was that it really showed up how shabby and tired looking the living room was. I really wanted to get it all nice and ship-shape but thought there was simply not enough time to do it what with all the other things to do in December. Absolutely not going to do it until 2015, apart from somehow being talked into just doing a door by Mr. M and ending up spending my Saturday in an epic paint-a-thon doing the whole room! So exhausted and achy but with a lovely fresh, clean room to sit in I could finally get my Christmas decorations out. 
Ahh my lovely Christmas bunting and assorted softies :-)

We went out and got our Christmas tree on Friday but what with all the decorating I have only just got it up finished today and it is so pretty! Oh and that smell of pine, I love it.
I had thought that I had plenty of things to decorate the house with, home made crochet bits, but I really think a bit more couldn't hurt. I made this string of holly and some Christmas trees but still, I really think I need some more bits, Im sure I could squeeze it in somewhere.

 It looks a bit sparse in this picture but that was because I was giddy at trying to get some pictures taken while we had some good light today, it is now far more busy, as is my mantle. I am so lucky that I have two mantle pieces to decorate; the one in the dining room is newly renovated too and has an open fire. I have strung up my usual berry garland on there, not home made but fire proof and I am a bit worried about changing it for something yarny what with it being a proper fire.

I really am feeling very Christmassy now, I've even got the bulk of the shopping done today in a fit of productivity. I've been wearing Christmas jumpers a lot and made myself a little holly brooch too.

So this evening I am going to think of some other things I can make to dot around the house and get my tree angels head sorted so I can stick her on top. I do hope you are having a festive, fun and happy weekend XXX

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