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Monday, 1 December 2014


After what feels like weeks or perpetual darkness the sun finally came out for a while yesterday! 

It has been so grey and wet here I have really struggled to take any pictures, most of my last Ta-dah photos were taken right next to a window or outside with as many lamps as I could angle on to them just to get some idea of the colours. Therefore the first thing I did yesterday morning (after the essential coffee) was take a picture of my new Jingle Bells bunting!

I LOVE it, so bright and cheery. I am normally one of those that waits until the middle of December to put their Christmas decorations up but I really am feeling very festive and not sure how long I can wait!

The second picture I took was of the pink giraffe, aww so pretty :)
It was nice while it lasted, I did a bit of shopping and pottering around the house but today was back to the usual murky grey of winter and bad photographs.

I have also made a Mary for the nativity I want to make:
She was quite fiddly for such a little thing and took aaages. Not sure I fancy making the rest just yet, they might be a thing for Christmas 2015, now that is thinking ahead!



  1. I was going to but didn't get around to it :)

  2. Do you know what the pattern for the Giraffe is called?. I have searched high and low for it online! :-)

  3. Hi sabrina, the pattern is on Ravelry here! Xxx