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Sunday, 12 July 2015

Circle Square Bag Ta-Dah!

I've had a wonderful week of crocheting. Last weekend I was hit by inspiration and dropped everything else to cracking on a new idea. It has been one of those crochet projects that just gripped me and HAD to be made. It’s been a while since I've been really excited to make something, where you get that fizzy excited feeling in your stomach. I started by making circles... lots of circles

Ooh so pretty! As soon as one was finished I picked another colour and made another and then another...

24 in total but not finished there, they needed squaring off.
The squaring off took slightly longer than I had hoped, with the weekend all used up making circles the squaring had to be done in the evenings, or lunch breaks or any spare 5 minutes I could find in the week! But still feeling really excited to get them all made.
It is hard to be random with colours. I didn't want two squares the same, didn't want all of the pinky purply ones to be matched with other pinks and purples so it took some careful planning to get the colour combinations just right. My margin of error was quite small as I was rapidly running out of yarn (the remnants of my Drops cotton merino) so couldn't afford any wastage. But yesterday evening I got the last circle squared.

You might notice that I didn't use any of the pistachio for squaring. This was on purpose as I wanted to use that to attach the squares together and I just knew I wouldn't have enough for both.
The assembly took some thinking about, no pattern to follow so I laid them out carefully in the shape I would need them (sort of) and spent a bit of time getting them in a nice arrangement of colours.

From this point it didn't take long to get them all together and this bag finished. Yes, another bag! I absolutely love it!!!


Ok so I'm not really sure about the straps/handles, I didn't want to crochet any as for one I have well and truly run out of this yarn and second, crochet straps can show wear quite quickly. These chains that I have used on this bag have been pinched from another bag that I had kicking around. I think they will be temporary as I would like some nice bright leather type ones that will be nicer to sling over my shoulder.
If you would like to make a bag like this, I used my circle-square pattern which can be found here. You will need 24 of them. Getting them together into this shape is a bit tricky but if you do it logically and take your time it is quite a quick process.

I really am thrilled with how this turned out and I have enjoyed every last stitch! It has been a while since I have enjoyed making anything as much and I think that is down to the pretty pretty yarn, I might have to get some more!


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