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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Bags and Buns

This is a very strange week for me, the start of the school summer holidays! Six weeks off from work and all that time to do whatever I like. In the past when I've had this kind of time off it has meant unemployment of one type or another and endless days ahead of job hunting and worry, but not this time! I do have a very long list of things to get done over the next few weeks but I have decided to take a few days out to really get into holiday mode. I started by baking some Chelsea buns yesterday.
I LOVE my mixer, makes easy work of any dough making. And oh the heavenly smell when they were baking.
Not bad, they look a little bit singed on top in places but they really weren't and still all soft inside with melted brown sugar, cinnamon and fruit. Yum!
Of course the problem with baking when there are just me and Mr M around means that we also have to eat it all, not good for any diets that we might be trying to stick to, but ah well, I'm on holiday ;)
Any afternoon sit down with buns, tea and a good film wouldn't be complete without something yarny. So I made a rosette for my new little granny stripe bag.

I knocked this very quick and easy bag up on Sunday for something to do. I still had a big bag of stylecraft special DK lying around, left over from my last ripple blanket. As luck would have it, I had small amounts left of each colour and then for most of those colours full balls of yarn too so it made it very easy to use double strands for this little bag, in effect making my own chunky weight yarn.
I have seen many bags around like this so I won't be writing the pattern up but you can see here how it was made. Rows of DCs for the bottom, a few rows of granny stripes then a few more rows of DCs for the top. To make the handle space I chained 16, skipped 16 stitches and then on the way back DC 16 in that chain space. Easy peasy!

I think today will follow much the same pattern as yesterday, minus the baking. I’m not sure what I will be making next but after a bit of chunky crochet I fancy something a bit more fiddly and delicate, and I have lots and lots of time to do it :)


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