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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Catch up

Oh my poor neglected blog. It has been two whole weeks since I sat down and paid any attention to it. It has been a very difficult week or two, I have had so much going on I haven't been able to concentrate on any crochet at all. Usually I can always find the time to crochet, and it helps me through whatever is happening, like a kind of meditation. Not this time, I have been far too upset with what has happened to my wonderful kitty cat to concentrate on crocheting.
My poor George took ill last week and we had to say good bye to him on Thursday. To say I was/am upset is a bit of an understatement. I know a lot of people don't get how attached people can be to their pets but he really was part of our little family and to lose him at such a young age and to such a horrible illness is just devastating.
Such a mischievous and happy little fella, I miss him so much.

It was my birthday last week and although it was greatly overshadowed by worry about George I did have a good day. I was lucky enough to get some gorgeous flowers:

And some new slippers!

Not convinced that slippers are a good birthday present? Ohh how wrong you are, these aren't just any slippers, they are Halflinger slippers. I got my first pair two years ago and they have been pretty much glued to my feet since, they are the comfiest, cosiest, bestest slippers ever!

I also got some great news on Monday and I will be starting a new job in December! I am thrilled with this as it will be a big career change for me and should give me lots more time to crochet, write patterns and blog!

I hope you are all OK and getting through these dreary November days in warmth and comfort. This morning I have picked up my hook for the first time in days so I can get cracking with the backlog of Christmas things I need to do. I have really enjoyed making some more African flowers for Giraffe number two, it feels like a little bit of normality after such a trying week. Crochet therapy, you can't beat it.



  1. So sorry to hear of your loss Abi. For those of us who have pets they are part of the family and oh so sadly missed when they go. Do hope your new job goes well. What will you be doing?

    1. thanks Louise xxx
      I will be working in a primary school, can't wait to get started :)