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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

A little bit festive

I'm having a few days off before my new job starts on Monday and this afternoon I have been busily sorting out a few pieces of crochet ready to put the final touches to them. 

As I said in my last post I have been having trouble settling to any crochet lately, there are lots of reasons why, one of which is that the things I have to make are things that I have to make - there are deadlines and this was taking some of the enjoyment out of it. Without even really thinking about it I grabbed some of my Rico creative cotton on Sunday and started making some bunting, just the very thing to get me back into the swing of crocheting, no deadline, no worry just lots of lovely bright colours!

I have thoroughly enjoyed making the little flags that make up the bunting and matching the felt up to the flags for the lettering. Even the fiddly tracing, cutting out and ironing on of the letters has been fun.
I am feeling a bit festive so decided this would be more Christmas bunting. As I already have a Merry Christmas I have opted for Jingle Bells on this and I think it works very well. I might add a few jingly bells to the bottoms of the flags if I can find them.
This could be a present or I might keep it for myself, I haven't quite decided yet. As tempting as it is to keep it I really am not sure where I would hang it, I have so many other things to hang up!
(The spare red flag is for an as yet undecided applique between the words)

With the bunting well on it's way and having to wait until day light to do all the letter cutting out, in the evenings I have been making more African flowers for giraffe number two. Thanks to my lovely friend Sue at knit and natter I have had very few ends to sew in as she did the majority of them for me! How wonderful, all the fun of crocheting and none of the dreary sewing :)

They are a riot of pinks and purple like this but the body of this giraffe is going to be in cream, I hope that stops it being quite so garish but as it is destined to be a present for a little girl I don't think there can really be too much pink.

Lots left to do but lots nearly done and a few more days off to enjoy some quiet hooky time.


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