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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Pretty Flowers Ta-Dah!

My week off is going just as I had hoped, lazily and with plenty of crochet. It was very important to me to actually get something done this week, thought out, started and finished and not just half way there before I run out of time/enthusiasm. 

That's how far I had got on Monday when I last told you about this picture I have been making. By Monday evening I had all the other stems and leaves made and had everything pinned out nicely on my blocking mat and given a generous application of PVA glue to stiffen it.
I still had the problem of sticking it to the canvas, I have never used a glue gun but I was sure that was the way to go, so the next day I took myself off to the shops to buy one. It’s brilliant! Not sure how I have made do without one before, everything was quickly stuck down and I am so pleased with it!
I’ve tried various places around the bedroom to put it and for now it is on an old mirror hook brightening up a boring alcove. It was so much fun to make and I love using this cotton. I still have lots of it left to play with, which is what I am going to do right now :)


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