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Saturday, 5 December 2015

Christmas stuff

I’ve been crocheting like the clappers this last week, starting various festive offerings. The deadline of 3 weeks isn’t bothering me either as I am only making things that I really want to make.The first thing on my list is bunting! Yes, I know I make a lot of bunting and mostly using Lucy at attic24’s Christmas bunting pattern. It is such a good pattern and the colours of the Rico are so bloomin’ pretty, I can’t help myself!
So it’s been flags, flags, flags for the last few evenings. Ah already looking juicy J
Just doing the edging now and then I’m going to root out the bond-a-web and felt to get the letters done. I can’t wait to see it finished, I’m far giddier about it than I probably should be.
Time to get out my own Christmas bunting and get the house decorated a bit. No tree yet as it’s a bit early for a tree to be indoors in my opinion, I don’t want a blanket of pine needles for weeks on end, but no reason not to have a rummage through my Christmas box.

There are the new additions, the mice and Rudolph and my older makes, Nordic Santa (hiding), the start of a nativity (it will get finished one day, probably) and some little softie toys. I really like the way it looks but I always think it is a bit flat, it needs height. We have a big mirror above the fireplace so I put down the flag making for a while and knocked up a few lacy snowflakes to string up and found some holly I made last year for along the bottom.
Think that looks very effective, shame the light is so bad at the moment; it would look lovely on a bright sunny day.
So on with this bunting and then I can start the next thing, it’s a shortlist of two items, both of which I can’t wait to make. I will keep you posted!

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