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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Bonfire Bag

The last few weeks have been busy to say the least! I'm not really sure what is happening to time, it seems to be racing by in great big dollops. One of those dollops was spent making this!
Katie, over at The Woolly Giraffe asked me if I would like to make something using some of their Ice Yarns. Not really sure what to make or even if it would be any good, I couldn’t wait to play with new yarn so I said I would have a go.

My go-to item to make was a bag; yes I make a lot of bags!
So I started playing around with it, trying to see what I could come up with, something easy but interesting, usable and fun.
The way I make things is very slap dash, usually I just start crocheting and see what happens.
Using this approach I got nearly all the way through one bag before I actually sat back and looked at it. No, I didn't like it, not one bit. This yarn is acrylic but different to the stuff I usually work with. It sits differently, different stitches make a fabric that isn't what I would expect, and my first attempt was more of a big woolly shapeless sack than anything anyone would want to make. No way am I showing you a picture of it!

So back to square one, think about the yarn and what would work best with it.
The best bit about this yarn is the colours - it really is very pretty. So the best thing to do was make the pattern simple, quite plain and let the colours shine through. But who wants to do rows upon rows of straight doubles or trebles? So using an idea I first used to make my basket weave bag I started using the fine weave bit (from in the middle) and just kept going. And I am very pleased with the result!
The pattern is all made too; I think I will be able to make it available in a month or so if anyone would like to make it :)



  1. I certainly would like to make it !!!!

  2. This bag is beautiful both in color and style!! I'll be looking forward to the pattern!!! Just so pretty! Darlene P.

  3. I like the bag so much! It is so stylish and colorful! Like a fire. It would be great accessory for a self sufficient woman or girl.