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Sunday, 12 April 2015

Happy Happy Holiday

Hello everyone, I'm back! We've been on a lovely holiday down to our usual haunt in Cornwall and it was just what we both needed, a relaxing break away from it all.
Oh that feeling when we finally get there! After such a long drive and before any unpacking of any sort we head down to the beach and just take in the big beauty of it all. Taking extra deep breaths of the fresh air coming in off the Atlantic, wonderful.
The week was a pleasent mixture of seeking out good beer, food and places to see, as well as heading back to the places that we know well and love. 

One of the things we do love is having a look around some of the amazing gardens in Cornwall. This time we went to Trengwainton, and it was aboslutely gorgeous, the sun beat down as we wandered down little paths and admired the stunning flowers.

I do love an old Vicotrian walled garden, the arched doorways showing a peek of what is  down the path are somehow really magical.

Sorry, got a bit trigger happy with taking pictures of flowers!

As you may have guessed I did take some crochet with me. The sheep blanket stayed at home as I just have mainly sewing to get on with now which I am much better doing at home where I can concetrate a bit more. I had made steady progress with it just before we went away and I am so pleased with how it is coming along.
So I left that at home and took my big ripple blanket with me to be going on with. I am very glad that I did as although the days were warm and sunny, the evenings were quite chilly and it was great to be able to pull it over my legs as I sat and beat Mr M at cards in the evening with a glass of wine or two.
Unfortunately I ran out of the one colour I needed. I have so much of this yarn, I bought a second lot as I was running out and the one colour I couldnt get was the one colour I needed. I could have pulled the whole colour repeat back and used a different colour but that would be 5 rows so I left it and have some on order ( I do hope it arrives soon!).
Today I am trying to keep that holiday buzz going by doing very little. I have been itching to get my lacy doily bag finished for ages now so I have been working a way on that. I've come to a fairly tricky bit where I need to make a flap for the zip - so far it is working but taking a lot of counting, guessing and trial and error. 

It will be so nice to get this finished! I will then have to get some lining fabric of some sort, the colour of which is going to be a tough decision. My instinct is telling me to stay away from black and white as you will see it through the lacy bits but a 'proper' colour might clash or be too much. Hmmm still need to work that one out.

I do hope you have had a good start to April. I am so close finishing off lots of things now that I really hope I can get on here more as I will actually have things to tell you about! I've also got another pattern all laid out in my head, I am going to try to get it jotted down and then made up so I can share it very soon but for my own sanity I really must get at least one of my WIPs finished before I start on anything else :)


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